Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Visit to Jain temple at Kolanpaka

Visiting a jain temple was one of the best things I have done recently.

How does the temple look like?
Here is the image...

how to travel??
Catch any train that goes towards Kazipet(Warangal) which has a halt near a station called "ALERU". Roughly this place is about 80kms by road and 1hr travel by train. Early morning car drive would be ideal. Well... journey by train is also excellent provided you get seats in the train. One can have mesmerising view of the fog and greenery during the travel.
One can get autos to get to the temple. They charge about Rs.10/- per person.

History of the temple:

Some of the beautiful snaps:

This is the side look of the temple

This is the main templee entrance with two elephants welcoming us :)

This is a beautiful marble design on the floor inside the temple

one of the side view of the temple

a prototype of the temple intended to be built i guess... i didnt find out much details

And thats me... looking bit funny with bag and frens stuff :P

I guess you all liked the images... one can plan for a one day trip for this place and come back. Breakfast is free in this temple. Make sure that you reach the temple before 8am in the morning. The main puja starts at that time and its good to see... The main Mahavir statue here is blue in color and very elegant...
It took 12 years to reconstruct this temple itseems... The sculpture and the statues are very beautiful in this temple. Very minute details are also caught in these statues...
This temple is quite different compared to most of the Hindu temples. There will not be any noise... chanting of mantras all the time... people pushing each other to have a look at god...
This place is beautiful with coconut trees and shade.
Also there is a museum itseems... but I didnt have a look at it.

Verdict: A place worth visiting to avoid the city chaos.


Hemanth Potluri said...

nice pics :)...


sweelie said...

Thanks Hemu!!!

john dewey said...

Thanks for sharing with the world.

ramana murthy said...

being so near to warangal .........i did not have d chance. i heard about it . After seeing your post .i decided to visit next sunday !
Dr. K.V. ramana murthy

Ranjith said...

Kolanpak is one of the historic and lovely place. I was born and spent my childhood here.

I love this place. This place is famous for some of the temples and archaeology museum.

- Ranjith.