Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Myself n Shivani

Recently I took 3 days off from office to get some mental peace. And I was successful in that.
I have met my beautiful, naughty, chatterbox niece Shivani.
She would call me "pinni" as I am her pinni :P
I went to attend my cousin's marriage which was our common point of meeting.
There she was always beside me talking like a chatterbox.
She was singing all telugu songs, dancing to the tunes of the orchestra that was organised in the reception. And then she asked me a question
"Pinni camera teleda nuvvu?"
I answered, " no... marchipoyanu... hyderabad lo undi"
Shivani "Pinni, you dont know english?"
I answered in english " I dont know english"
Shivani, " I know all english,maths,science,social, all subjects!!!!!!!!"
For a moment I have opened my mouth and was watching her. My other cousins were laughing like hell for her instant reply.
And she promised me to teach english as a crash course within 48 hours.
Btw Shivani is still in UKG(upper kinder garden)
We were very much occupied with her cute words during the marriage.
The next morning when we had breakfast, she came to me and sat on my lap.
She watched me for 2mins or so... then started saying in telugu
"pinni... nuvvu appudu baaledu... ippudu baagunnavu"
I asked her, " eppudu baalenu?? baalenu ante enti??"
Shivani, " anitha pinni pelli lo baalevu... naaku teliyadu anthe"
I was again shocked for her small observations and memory power.
She is damn intelligent... has very good grasping power also... she knows all shlokas my heart... she knows all the SaiBaba bhajanas...
I am nothing infront of her with regards to all these matters...
Anywayz... I love her...
And I adore her sister Platy(pet name) who is just 8 months now...
Will tell platy's story in my next blog... :)

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