Friday, April 17, 2009

Aishu - little pup

Well... this is Aishu... my aunts new puppy... its just 2 months old and very naughty.
She is very cute...two of its ears are in different color... one is smaller than the other.
I am pretty scared of dogs... Since childhood I tried to stay away from pets and especially dogs. But this one changed me a bit... For the first time in my life... I took it in my hands... It was so small and I could sense its breathing and its warmth.
And for some bad reason, it started barking when I was holding it for the second time.
I got scared and thought of dropping it. My cousin came and took Aishu from me.
You wanna see the scared look on my face... I have the snap taken at correct timing by my cousin... I look awful in that snap.. I will save it for future.

What I learnt from my friends is that pets are the best companions and one can avoid loneliness by having them. One can talk to them and tell all our sad stories. They dont even crib and mumble. They would be our patient listeners in this case.

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