Tuesday, April 14, 2009

travel by bus :)

Most of the times I used to commute to office by APSRTC buses.
One of the best means of transportation in hyderabad.
there are lot of problems though... lot of rush, no place to even spit :P, people stamping on your legs, guys touching all around, sometimes conductor taking advantage of the situation etc etc

After such tired journey one day, my sister told me an incident that happened in bus with her colleague at office. Assume that the lady name is Rinky.
Rinky was sitting in a aisle seat in the bus.
There was some crowd in the bus.
Some guys are standing near to ladies seat and just beside Rinky's seat.
One idiot was acting strange and leaning on to the rinky's seat.
He was touching her shoulders most of the time.
Rinky got irritated.
She took a safety pin from her purse.
And she pierced the pin into that guys thigh.
He gave a slight oomph!! :P
And moved away from her seat. That fellow couldn't even shout...
how can he shout after doing such filthy act!!!!
Next time that guy would think twice before acting in such way!!!

Such assholes also travel in buses and girls should be careful and brave.
We should never let them underestimate us.
Be brave and react at that instant instead of suffering and bearing such idiots.
We should teach nice lessons to such rogues.

I get a smile on my face whenever I think of this incident.


Smita said...

Too good :-)

These buggers deserve this treatment...

You know whenever I see a guy staring either me or my frenz I start staring him back, finally they stop staring....We shudn't be too brash but we shudn't be scared of these idiots also...

sweelie said...

seriously!!! some guys are hopelessly hopeless :)