Monday, April 20, 2009


The hottest drama in Indian Democracy is elections.
I went to my native place to cast my vote. I came to know many bloody truths about politicians and their standards.
Assume XYZ is one of the important Congress candidates from my place.
In his speech he said something nasty. It goes like this
"If any one raises finger against minorities(muslims), I will cut down their both hands"

This statement has created ripples in the minds of Hindus living in my place .They have decided not to vote this candidate at any cost. His whole reputation is ruined with one statement.
The views of people began to change and most of them gave their valuable votes to BJP which is having very low profile in our constituency. Looks like for the first time in the history of my constituency BJP is going to win.
Ask any person whom did u vote, they would say obviously lotus :) and also they are ready to celebrate if congress loses the election.

Even if by gods grace Congress is going to win, it may win with less margin. Lets see what is going to happen.

I noticed some change in peoples views about religions and its party. People started to think like
" when a muslim gives his vote to a muslim candidate, why shouldn't I give my vote to a hindu candidate and its party". I have seen the same thing happening in Old city Hyderabad. Only MIM wins the election all the time where the majority of population is muslims.

Are we the only country where democracy is dependent on religions and caste??
Its so awful.
When are we going to change and think in broad way.
People are fed up with corruption and attractive promises by the next government. Youth below the age of 35 consititute about 35% of voters as of today. Every one should think about the bright future of india without bugs like corruption, poverty and population growth.
Also we should make sure that the maximum age for any politician should be only 55-60. There are so many veteran politicians in the race and young people have very little chance to make a difference. There should be freshness with new ideas, new moves and innovative thoughts. Only then a country can make progress.

I wish to see India as a better country in the next few years.

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