Wednesday, April 29, 2009

paapad - vadiyaalu

Summer season is at its peak... In villages and small towns most of them go for mango pickles, paapad... vadiyaalu( in telugu), appadaalu(in telugu). This is the best season for trying out those. Every year my mom puts mango pickle and vadiyaalu.
Most of the time my sister helps her. This time it was different, as I did most of the process of putting vadiyaalu.
Everyone likes paapad, mostly South Indians. It should be served with meal other wise meal would be incomplete. I havent tried explaining recipe to anyone till now. Here i m going to explain it. Try it folks, make yummy and crispy paapad which melt the moment you put in your mouth :D

Items required:
1. Rice powder ( 1 cup)
2. Cumin seeds ( a table tea spoon)
3. Sesame seeds ( a table tea spoon)
4. Salt ( for taste)
5. Ajwain ( vaamu in telugu... use a pinch of them)
5. Water

How to prepare:
Take 8 cups of water and boil them in a vessel. Take rice powder in a small container and add water to it. Mix it to make a fine paste. After water reaches boiling temperature, add the cumin seeds, sesame seeds, salt and ajwain. Also add the rice powder paste and keep stirring. This will help so that balls are not formed in the mixture and mixture will be smooth. Keep it on a sim flame untill the mixture becomes little thick enough. It should become sticky to be precise.

Spread a cotton cloth on the terrace. With a serving spoon take the rice powder paste and put it on the cloth in a round shape. Just make sure that they are dried in hot sun. After they are dried completely at sometime in the evening, turn the cloth to the other side and sprinkle water. This will ensure in removing the vadiyaalu easily. Remove all of them slowly and dry them in sun day so that they become crispy. Fry them in oil and enjoy :)

PS: I might have been little unclear in my explanation. Incase anyone has doubts, plz mail me or post a comment ;)

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