Saturday, April 18, 2009

The much hyped media...

Today if we browse through TV channels we observe headings,breaking news,coverage stories. They virtually expose each and every bit of a family.Take an example of a rape of a minor or death of a college student or a sexually assault case or a murder, they try to blame the near ones as accomplice or even guilty. The same part of the news but is telecasted repeatedly to grab the attention of people. This topic becomes the chit-chat of neighbors, colleagues at offices,housewives in small towns.Recently there was the murder of a school girl Arushi in New Delhi.

A murder might have been the mistake of one person either known or unknown to family, but do we have any right to drag the whole family and relatives in this case. The family might be living a decent life in some part of the city.Now they become the centre of attraction . They cant walk down on the street without people gaping at them with their mouths wide open. They feel embarrased for such thing. Did we intend all this when we publish some news or show their naked faces in the television?

The murder/rape case now draws the attention of local politicians trying to get some fame and name out of it. They give false promises of showing immediate results in the case and nothing turns out by gods grace. In all this drama, the lives of family members is destroyed. If an incident happens in a family, its a trauma to them. Its better to leave the family members alone with their agony.

There are thousands of cases which need immediate attention of people, government. Why dont we focus on the actual case in court and try to get a immediate judgement instead of showing all the family crap.

I do say that cases like violation of rights agaisnt children and women needs attention. But it doesnt mean that we deviate from the actual factors driving it. There should be right people who can analyze the situation and drive it. Media is completely blind on these kind of cases. There are many NGOs who fight for human rights and justice. We should bring into light the efforts of those people and encourage them.

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Smita said...

Media is not only blind but is foolish as well....what matters to them is TRP's nothing more than that and nothing less than that....

They have got freedom to report what they want to but sadly they don't have the maturity!!!!